Creating honest websites

Have you ever thought about this?

Most websites lose clients because of a bad first impression

Your website shows the face and the identity of your business. It has to make a good first impression. Otherwise, you might need to rethink the whole concept. The purpose of your website, webshop, is to guide the visitor through the sales channel, bring in new customers and generate revenue. If the first impression is bad, you can be sure that you will leave money on the table.

What we do

We build websites that express your values


Custom websites for your business


beauty & function with UI and UX Design


modern B2B or B2C webshops with WordPress or Magento


we make your customers find you easily


show your brand's character and personality on your website!


server- or client-side & database-controlled applications

Do you want to refresh your online appearance?

Have you delayed the creation or the redesign of your website / webshop so far? In the current situation, online presence is essential and it is very important how you present yourself. Fill out our form and we will share our suggestions with you as part of a free consultation!


international webshop


Clean, image-focused design with custom-designed pictograms

website and webshop

Self brand - Virág Kiss

We have unified and redesigned the website and webshop of the world champion fitness competitor.


I am Judit Peter, Web Designer.

My mission is to create websites that reflects your values.

For 5 years we’ve been designing and beautifying websites with passion and Wndeer Design was created to support entrepreneurs and business owners who want to bring new life to their online appearance. We design clean, modern, user– and mobile-friendly websites to improve/establish the success of the site. The ultimate purpose of websites are to guide your customers through your sales funnel in a stylish and effective way.

Customer and Brand Profiling
UX and Web Design
Péter Judit, Webdesigner - Wndeer Design - Weboldal készítés, webdesign, webfejlesztés
our motto is:

First impression is everything

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