Booda Bike

Belt driven bicycles and high-end accessories – webshop and blog.

The site that we built for Booda Bike Team is a webshop that is based on Magento Community Webshop software which is the most advanced e-commerce platform with high functionality and complex design.

Almost a thousand products, a lot of different options and categories. The essence of it is that we did not use the traditional category-subcategory design but the one with filters. Each product has a category tag and other attributes that can be filtered in the listing view. For faster usability we pre-selected some filters (and these attributes appear in the URL) so that we could create some pictograms for these pre-selections. This way the horizontal navigation of the site is not that crowded, and browsing through the products got easier and more graphic.

The admin area for the site is advanced too, complex pricing and stock managing tasks can be performed and it helps finalising orders faster and easier. There is a billing software and a payment gateway connected – of course through internet-safe protocols.

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Magento CE


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