Event landing page

The landing page was created for the female target group, so we definitely started to work on a clean and feminine line – which fits in with Nóri’s style and photos.

What was the goal?

Building sympathy and trust through the site.

Nori’s photos are wonderful, give a positive sparkle and the lyrics are perfectly summed up in the camp (of course, this should be in harmony with the design, but the beautiful design is worth nothing without good content! ).

What to look for in a landing page?

  • transparency and good structure are the most important things.
  • it must be clear. In this case, the focus was on applying.
  • there should be no distractions.

Why is a landing page good? Why is it important?

  • lead generation
Check the landing page


My website is ready and I’m very proud of it! I thank Juci and Aaron for the work, but even more for the care and care I received. If you want a personalized miracle site where you see yourself and what you represent, don’t hesitate to find Juci! 🙂

Nori Czopko – Owner

How was the landing page created?


Extra services
Counter, Google Analytics, custom application form