Gabor Marton coach

custom personal website

Gabor wanted a website for his business which is self-identical, authentically presents him as a professional and where people can find all of the most important informations about him:

  • what is his story,
  • how he can help,
  • how you can work with him, what the possibilities are
  • and with whom he had worked before.

We focused on Social Media, highlighting his Facebook closed group and his Podcast channel.

Gábor also came to us with a clear idea about the opening image of the website, so we also organized a photo shoot before the project. Many thanks to Tamás Pál for the super photography, the result speaks for itself ?



I am very happy that my new super website is ready! I am grateful to both Judith and Aaron!

I wanted a website that authentically conveys my own and my company’s values, in addition to meeting the XXI. century technological expectations. It worked to the maximum! ?

I would like to emphasize that communication went smoothly and it was possible to come up with ideas and choose between solutions. Judith and Aaron were maximally partners in this.

I highly recommend them!

Gabor Marton

How was the website created?

with WordPress


Website functions
SAPI subscribe, custom contact form, Google Analytics, Google Search Console setting and SEO