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dr. Török Réka

At the first consultation Réka shared with us that she didn’t want a typical lawyer website at all. We looked at the websites that came up for the “lawyer budapest” and “law firm” keywords, and we didn’t feel that it was personal. Although this is the profession where trust between lawyer and client is a must!

So we headed for a completely new and fresh direction. The most important goal was to present on the new website Reka’s personality and of course the website must be professionally authentic.

Lawyers website look: elegant

Why did we choose to create a Onepage website?

Réka did not want a complicated website, she asked for a very transparent structure. We also tried to show the specialties. Even if we had written a legal description, the visitor would probably not have understood it. So we focused on the main and sub-areas and display them clearly.


How was the website created?


Extra services
Google Analytics és SEO, custom contact form