Virag Kiss

IFBB Bikini Pro, world champion

Virág’s previous website worked separately from her webshop but we combined them in one system. In design and in appearance we followed her existent introduction website and we added commerce functions in which we used Wordpress + WooCommerce integration. In this way everything works at the same surface from now on, saving some administrative task.

Beyond that we put emphasis onto two areas:

  1. Virág’s own product, the shape up gel

  2. and a packages: traning plans, diets etc.

What was our aim in connection with the webshop? To make shopping as easy as possible for the customer with avoiding many clicks on many pages until finding the wanted product and checkout. On the website, a product can be put into the basket with only two clicks.

We made individual order forms for every package (training plans, diets etc.) and very detailed privacy policy was made to them by Dr. Réka Török.

Beyond the things mentioned above, blog content was uploaded as well and finally, we combined the website with Google Calendar to make it possible to find every events at the same place such as presentations and seminars.

Thank you very much for your trust! 🙂


Customer review

Több webdesign céggel dolgoztam már együtt, de nem sikerült megalkotni egészen addig a tökéletes weboldalt és webshopot, ameddig nem találtam rá a Wndeer Design csapatával! Juci és Áron nem csak fantasztikus szakemberek, hanem remek emberek is! Mindent megvalósítottak, amit szerettünk volna, profi segítséget nyújtottak minden pillanatban. A végeredmény magáért beszél, boldog vagyok, hogy megtaláltam őket és, hogy elkezdtünk együtt dolgozni!😊 Köszönöm a precíz munkátokat!🙏

Virág Kiss

How was the website created?

WordPress, WooCommerce


Webshop functions
card payment, automatic billing, shipping options

Extra services
monthly maintenance, backup, etc.