Cinderella's Day

multiple award winning wedding planner company’s website

Nori has been organizing weddings for foreigners in Budapest and Hungary for more than 10 years. Couples from all over the world are coming to Hungary (from more than 42 countries) to celebrate their wedding here. The uniqueness and quality of weddings is unquestionable, but the earlier website did not fully reflect this. That’s why Nori asked us to help and create a new website for Cinderella’s Day.

What was the goal with the new website?

I. To show the professionalism that Cinderella’s Day team brings to couples.

II. Because they have wonferful images, that’s why Nori imagined an image-focused website for Cinderella’s Day – this is how she can best represent the mood and level of the wedding.

III. Authenticity: Check out the reference videos... LINK ?

IV. And with web design we strove for a clean trend so that design doesn’t distract from content.

Check the new website

How was the website created?

english, german, hungarian

Extra services
test environment, HTTPS, firewall, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEO